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How will my order be processed?

We take 1-2 business days to process your order, once this action is done, we proceed to send you your tracking number in this will inform you about your package when it will be taken to its destination.

How long does the shipment take to arrive?

The processing time can take between 1-2 days, then we proceed to leave it in the corresponding facilities and you will receive your package in the days depending on the shipping method you have selected.

What are the available shipping methods?

First-Class Mail 1-2 Business Days.
Priority Mail 3-5 Business Days.

Collitta provide the return labels on the package?

No, if you would like a return label please fill in the information below for more details so we can provide you with the return label.

What happens if my package is lost?  

Once you find out that your package did not arrive at your address, please immediately contact us or fill out the form below, we will contact you in minutes.

Return or Missing packages

Please fill the next form so we can contact you


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What happens if my package arrives in poor condition or the product is defective? 

We care and give priority to the experiences of our packages, we do everything delicately to provide you with good service, if this happens please contact us once you receive your package.  (this claim will be valid only for 24 hours after receiving the package) contact us by filling out the form, by phone or email, you can also contact us through our social networks

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